Jamie Q&As Tim Lovell

Jamie Q&As Tim Lovell

In less than a week the Regal Cinema in Tenbury Wells will host the first Worcestershire Film Festival event of 2014. For those that haven’t visited this landmark you are in for a treat. The interior of the Regal is stunningly beautiful. It is so amazing that you’d expect Michael Bay to film something in there. The film would, of course, consist of a couple of robots blowing the Regal to pieces while a bag of flesh called Sharmy The Beef dodged falling masonry and it would be in 3D and louder than a billion angry bees attached to a million jet engines and yet it would be the most boring film you’ve ever watched but it would make $12 trillion dollars and you wouldn’t be entirely sure how. However, after watching it you’d say, “My my… the inside of that cinema that got blown up by those robots looked stunning.”


Unless of course they’ve whitewashed the interior walls since my last visit in which case I’m going to look at bit of a fool.


As I’m hosting the Q and A sessions with the film makers I’ve been lucky enough / contractually obliged to watch the films we will be showing at the event. Happily, they live up to the decor they’ll be shown in.


However, the quality of these films is presenting a bit of a challenge. The films we are showing all exist in and of themselves as exquisite gems and my worry is that the questions and answers become a sledge hammer and smash them to pieces. Some of us are happy to see a magic trick, we don’t always want to see how it’s done.


So I sit here now considering questions to ask our filmmakers. In a room full of fellow film junkies the questions will deviate towards the technical aspects of the creation. So my job is to remember that we’re seeing magic and to ask insightful questions which remind the audience of the magic and help them create magic themselves and to do all that without ruining the trick.


Should be a doddle? If I find myself struggling I’ll just consider the magic of our surroundings.

Unless they’ve whitewashed the walls.


Or Michael Bay has blown it up.


Dave Pitt
14th June 2014


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