We’d like to welcome our new Events Leader (or mc as the kids call it), Ryan Westwood.  Ryan couldn’t be here tonight, but he left us with this acceptance speech!


Ryan WestwoodHi, I’m Ryan. I have recently graduated from Birmingham City University, receiving a BA Hons Award in Theatre, Performance and Event Design, which is where I guess you could say my interest within the world of film and film making developed into a raging passion.

I am extremely grateful for receiving the role of Event Leader for this year’s Worcester Film Festival, in which I will be supervising the After Dark branch of the festival, as well as being the Networking & MC Host for the festival itself over the weekend that it takes place.

Initially I applied for the Film Programmers role, but after my interview with a handful of the team, they decided that the role of Event Leader suited me and my skills better, which I am more than happy with, especially about being strongly involved within the horror & gore section of the festival.

I am undertaking this role for a number of reasons, one of which is to gain experience within the film industry, especially within this area, as all my experience before has actually been in the practical areas of film making, such as directing, performing and set design/building.  I am also extremely interested in making contacts within the industry for the future, as well as of course, helping the film makers who’re submitting their films to get the recognition they deserve. I am extremely interested in a wide range of film genres, and I find it quite hard to pinpoint a specific area as my favourite, but if I had to, I would most certainly choose World Cinema, in particular South Korean Cinema. I can honestly say that the South Korean films I have had the pleasure to watch are the only films that have ever made me literally sit on the edge of my seat (well, in my case, on the edge of my bed), with fists clenched and perspiration all over from the suspense and action that they seem to create like no other.

Finally, as briefly mentioned above, I believe Worcester Film Festival is important for a number of reasons, one of which though, and most importantly in my opinion is to get the film makers submitting their films the recognition, praise and exposure that they deserve for the hard work, time, (money, in some cases) and effort that they have put into their films.  I’m extremely excited to begin working with the Worcester Film Festival team, and more grateful than words can describe. I believe this year’s festival will be a fantastic and rewarding experience for everyone involved, and I’m literally over the moon to be part of it.


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