Jenny Lind Room

Delivered by Chris Jury, Reuben Irving and Shaun Dey

Will independent filmmakers shape the future? As traditional power structures shift and distribution channels fragment can we take more direct control? What are our responsibilities? Will the future be the same as the past? How can we contribute to building a vision of an alternative?

A live discussion with contributions from Members of the Radical Film Network including:

Chris Jury – Actor/Writer/Director, Artistic Director of Public Domain Productions and Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University Spa University

Reuben Irving – Editor, Former Director of Gorilla Cinema and Senior Lecturer at the University of Worcester.

Shaun Dey – principal film-maker at Reel News and activist video collective set up in 2006 to publicise and share information on inspiring campaigns, struggles and creative initiatives across the world.

Plus a surprise guest by Video link…