By Matt Johnson
A few weeks ago I visited the ‘Watch This Space’ screening of ‘The Drinking Class’ at the Marrs Bar in Worcester (future Watch This Space events can be seen on Facebook)
‘The Drinking Class’ is a feature film from Writer / Director Jack Millard shot on location in Malvern in the summer of 2013. The film stars Mark Anthony Games who gives a great performance playing Jake Sanders, a chain smoking borderline-alcoholic loveable loser. Jake is overqualified, under experienced, and is squandering his writing talents spending his time working as a barman in a pub which is at risk of closing down.
After being dumped by his girlfriend Jake teams up with new love interest Frances, played by Kay Davis, who encourages him to sober up and get a job more fitting with his talents. But with an ill mother to care for does Jake really want to move beyond Malvern?
With a great soundtrack supplied by local musician Sam Eden this film was made on a microbudget of just £4,000 and redefines again what can be achieved on a low budget.
The trailer for the film can be seen here

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