Duration : 20min
Director : Sudipto Roy
Location : India

Screening : Saturday, 7th Nov
Time : 14:00


Carole, a charming young woman in her late twenties comes down to Calcutta to take in her new-found freedom after her husband suffers a sudden death. She refuses to find pleasure in the materialistic beauty of the city and seeks for peace and solace in the midst of the graves of the South Park Street Cemetery.
In a strange encounter amid the sleeping Englishmen of colonial India she is observed by a story seeker in some dramatic change of events. The story is a simple narrative depicting a timepiece of human behavior in solitude and distress. It is an example of my understanding of an attempted relationship that culminates with a subtle understanding of human feelings.


This tale tells the story of a woman trying to conquer over a past full of heartache. The film provides an excellent sound score that flows fluently throughout the film providing an excellent presence of mood. The film use of cinematography also adds more depth to the film allowing this heartfelt story to be told. The narrative structure to this gritty film is very poetic and indeed affectionate. Even though the film is spoken through voice overs, that is not to take away the performances of the two characters as there presences within the film are to be admired as their tell the story brilliant through their emotions. This film is not to be missed.
By Luke Cooper