The Festival has been organised to raise the profile of film in the county and to provide film-makers a means of showing their works on a big screen with a diverse audience.

We are actively seeking locally produced films that tell interesting, captivating stories over a variety of genres.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us


Submission Process

1. Complete submission form online

2. Make a voluntary donation to help with the running of Worcestershire Film Festival

3. Upload digital file

4. Once received, we’ll confirm we have everything


When a film is accepted, we will contact the film’s main contact to discuss the options for the best quality version of the film for screening, and ask for any production photographs or trailers that have been produced. We will add the filmmaker to an email group, which will be used for invitations to events and submission news.

We will endeavour to accept as many films as we can, however, should one be rejected, we will send the filmmaker a full review from our team that can be used for their own marketing purposes.

If the film is in non-English language, subtitles should be provided for text and dialogue.


All entries to be received by 14th September 2014, which includes receipt of your final digital file

Worcestershire Film Festival will take place 16-19th November 2014

Sending Files

We worked hard to find the best way of you sending your film to us, using a variety of options, however none of them seemed to be reliable enough to allow for such large file sizes. We looked at integrating various services, sending to our own web server and even creating a server at home to receive the files. We also discovered that there are some patents around uploading films for film festivals and we didn’t want to run into any trouble there either!

As a result, we are suggesting several services you can use to send your film over that have proven to be reliable and free. We imagine that as filmmakers, it’s likely you already use one of these anyway, but by all means get in touch, if you get stuck.

Google Drive
Google Drive

In each case, share your file to ‘simon [at] worcestershirefilmfestival [dot] co [dot] uk’ Make sure you label your file as the film’s title and we will email you back to let you know we’ve received it within 24hrs.


The audience will be able to vote for best picture of Worcestershire Film Festival and there will be a prize for the production team, awarded on the Sunday presentation event.


1. Any film submitted must be an original works.

2. All films must be accompanied with a complete submission form.

3. All submissions should be entered by 14th September 2014.

4. By submitting a film, you agree that you have sought clearance for any music, locations and talent in the production.

5. All reasonable care will be taken with entries, but the organisers cannot accept liability for loss or damage.