Here is our exciting film line-up for this year’s Film Festival.  All films are being screened at Worcester Arts Workshop. Each film will be followed by a 15min Q&A session with the filmmakers to discover more about the film’s origins and making of.
Audience participation is encouraged!


Time Film Creator Information
18:30 Rain Tony Chance Link
19:00 In Ribbons Marie-Valerie Jeantelot Link
19:10 Judas Joel Caetano Link
19:20 Rock and Roll Island Helen Walker Link
20:05 Steps of the Giant Killer Rich Widdowson Link
Time Film Creator Information
10:00 Sandwich? Rob Nutter Link
10:25 Lock, Stock and Barrel Sam Williams Link
10:50 Boars Head Documentary Bazz Hancher Link
12:35 Ripcore: Riding With Mamils Richard Butterworth Link
13:40 Curious Oddities Andrew Rutter Link
14:00 The Cemetery Sudipto Roy Link
14:35 Taking Steps Rage Arts Community Project Link
14:55 Renati Edward Stone Link
15:15 To Live For Phillip Pugh Link
15:35 Assault On The Senses Zander Weaver Link
15:55 Stop Eject Neil Oseman Link
16:30 Oddity Rowan Charlton Link

Time Film Creator Information
18:00 Killer Clowns Gary Rogers Link
18:20 Sebastian And Them Benjamin Bee Link 
18:45 The Sceptic Kev Harte Link
19:20 Hickley’s Drop Neil Vidler Link
20:05 Infected Jason Wright Link
20:35 Dissociate Ryan Priddey Link
20:55 Abolution Jamie Hunt Link
21:15 Taxi Fernando Maffei Link

Time Film Creator Information
10:00 Selfie William Brown Link
11:35 Graduation Thomas Paul Martin Link
12:00 Door To The Past Otello Calvert Link
12:05 Precaution Otello Calvert Link
12:25 Penny For The Guy Nigel & Carla Buckley Link
13:00 Our Hands Are Tied Chris Dimond Link
13:25 Abducted Mark Wallace Link
13:50 Delivery Karim Aitouna Link
14:15 Derelict Dave Jeffrey Link
14:45 Dark-eyed Dreamers Isla Talbot Link
15:05 Ur: The End of Civilisation William Brown Link