Bozowi is a West Midlands based company that recycles mobile phones, aiming to reduce electronic waste by offering payment for devices you no longer need.

Bozowi are giving you a chance to win one of our 19 cash prizes, our highest prize being £1000 (£500 to you and £500 to your choice of selected charities). All you have to do is simply put together a quick video related to Bozowi and/or Recycling. You could make a review on your experiences with Bozowi and the recycling process, sing a song about how Bozowi helped you raise cash for that important bill/present, or you could be more creative and create a small cartoon to do with recycling and/or the Bozowi story – Technically, anything is possible and we want to see how creative our users really are!

Please have a look at our Bozowi Video Competition Rules page which has detailed information about our competition and how you can enter.

It’s a great opportunity to flex your creative muscles and start the new year off!


Source : Bozowi

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