We’re currently busying ourselves with our up and coming roadshow events and later main event.  It’s easy to forget in all this excitement that the organisation behind Worcestershire Film Festival also needs to develop and grow.  We’re in year 3 and we’ve run several well attended and enjoyed events, not to mention discovered and met lots of filmmakers.  As we look towards our third main celebration, it’s about time we took stock and got our house in order.

Worcestershire Film Festival came about, initially through a Facebook conversation on Worcester City Council’s page and before we knew it, a film festival was being mentioned around and people started getting excited.  It took a while and then we came to the stage with our event.  The 2012 event spread our wings a little from one to three venues.  One of the by-products of the second was the formation of a management committee.

It’s our job now to make the organisation create even better events and activities and become famous for showcasing independent film and for inspiring people to pick up cameras to their own stories.  So, to that end, we need to expand and bring new people in to take us in directions we haven’t thought of. We also need to bring in some more substantial funds to help support our work.  We have been lucky to receive donations and small grants, but we need to think a little bigger to let the organisation grow more.  It’s all going to be a lot of work, but eventually we’ll post a manifesto, an action plan to raise the profile of film.

I’m planning to keep everyone updated with what we’re up to if you want to get involved with any of this development, then please do get in touch.

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