Today, we have made a small but important enhancement to our website.  Commenting on posts is more social, quicker and easier!


Basically, on our blog and some pages, you are always welcome to leave comments.  Up until now though, you’ve had to enter in your name and email address to post a comment on the site.  From today, you will be able to use your Facebook or Google+ account instead, which will make things a lot easier, especially if you’re already logged in.

Google+ comments

To add comment to a post, simply scroll to the bottom and click either Facebook or Google+ and write your thoughts in.  If you’re already logged into one of these services, you’ll be able to post right away, so leave a comment and feel smug that you’ve given a voice to your thoughts!  We’ve kept the WordPress option too, just in case.


We’re really keen to capture your thoughts about the Film Festival and the things we write about and now it’s even easier!

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