It was three pints of cider later when we began to get back on assignment. Me returning from the bar with three pint glasses precariously clutched in his hands.


So what’s next, Myself asked glaring up at Me as he clumsily pushed the glasses to their owners.


Why should we make films, I stated back, reading off hastily written notes scrawled on the back of a final notice from my electricity supplier.


Camera OperatorMe seated himself in front of us and the three of us pondered.


Why should we make films?


Hmm, we all said in unison.


A few moments later Myself began to speak, his brow furrowed with genuine concentration.


Some thoughts can only be expressed through actions, Myself said in an uncharacteristic sombre tone. Language lacks the subtlies and the delicate orchestrations necessary to fully convey these thoughts and feelings. Myself nodded towards Me before concluding by saying, that’s where story comes in.


Oh that’s true, Me replied, stories can do all these things and so much more besides, but the problem with stories is in the telling of them. Me stopped a moment and looked into the murky drink before him. Thats where film comes in, Me said, films present stories in a way that speaks to the masses in a way nothing else can.


Ah, we’ve been through this, I said, we’ve explained the importance of film; the question here is why should you make one and not just leave it to someone else.


Me sat back in his seat and Myself hung his head.


The question was a difficult one.


Me opened his mouth to speak and then closed it again without uttering a sound.


What, I asked, go on Me; what were you going to say?


I was going to talk about technology, Me began, you can get these cameras now that can film things in such quality you wouldn’t know it wasn’t shot for the cinema; and effects, he added as he grew more animated, you can do effects on your home PC now.


But why should you? Myself pressed.micrphone


Because its pure self expression, Me continued, we said that film was like a universe all of its own, so who wouldn’t want to create their own little piece of it? Something that lasts forever, that your children’s children could show their grandchildren.


Would that make them your great-great-great grandchildren, or your great-great-great-great grandchildren? Myself asked.


Now you’re just making fun of me, Me pouted before plucking his glass from the table and hiding behind it.


I had to smile even as I interceded between them.


No Me’s right, I quickly said. Every one has a story in them and the advances in technology allows anyone to tell those stories; in a form that could last forever.


We felt the smug disdain of Myself before he began to speak.


Ah but that really does not answer the question does it? Myself said, leaning back into his plush chair and folding his arms in a manner that was mean to be arrogant but always struck me as slightly defensive.


I shook my head and I saw Me doing the same.


No I guess it doesn’t, Me answered quietly.


Is there an answer? I added and the three of us fell into silence. I watched Myself as he studied the edge of the table then I turned and saw Me staring into the bubbles forming in his drink and as I watched the two of them I began to realise why the question was so difficult to answer.


cameraYou know how I knew I wanted to tell stories? I asked my companions and they both sat and listened without responding. I knew it because I felt it; in here. I said and then I tapped my chest with the tip of my fore-finger.


So why should we make films, why should we do it and not leave it to other people? I asked. Well, perhaps you shouldn’t, lets be honest just because you can do something is rarely a good reason for actually doing it. Film-making isn’t for the average joe-public, it isn’t for people who lack fortitude or imagination and it isn’t for people too weak to deal with the fall out from their actions.


Film-making, I said, is for people who are strong willed and imaginative, its for people who have the strength of character to hold that mirror up to strangers and accept their responses. I paused and thought a moment before continuing, so why should we make films? If you have that desire gnawing at you, and you have the fortitude and imagination to make it work for you; then what other option have you got?


Its like the best reason for climbing a cliff-face. Myself added.


Whats that? Me asked and Myself looked looked over and smiled; a moment later Me brightening with realisation.


Because its there! We all said together and I stood and began to make my way to the bar.