Creating and running a film festival is a lot of fun.


We get to meet lots of talented filmmakers and showcase their works on a large screen for a public audience to enjoy.  The audience get involved and ask the filmmakers questions about the making of the film during a hosted Q&A, which has become a bit of a signature at Worcestershire Film Festival.  Hopefully, the filmmakers are pleased to have the opportunity to network and have their films on this platform.  The audience might become so engaged that they are inspired enough to consider their own interests, pick up a camera and tell a story.  This is what we are about.


So why?

Why film?  Why make a film?  Why have a film festival?


The troublesome ‘why’ questions.  They can be answered with a shrug, ‘why not?’  The thing is though, we aren’t satisfied with that. We want to explore further and, to that end, we have a series of three articles that try to answer the three questions above.



We would really like to hear from you with your thoughts about film, filmmaking and film festivals.  What do you think about these articles, do they answer the questions, or perhaps you have considered  them and have come to your own conclusions?


Please share and leave us with your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.